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  • write about life in and with media
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– Anders Hougaard


Living in and with media is something we humans do and have always done.


Approaches to media:

The existentialist approach


Media topics:


Tech addiction (and Dopamine):

In the media:

Why calling screen time ‘digital heroin’ is digital garbage

Technology is not a drug, please stop calling it addictive

Dopamine: the cause of digital addiction?

No, Dopamine is Not Addictive

The unsexy truth about Dopamine

Peer review:

Kardefelt-Winther et al. 2017. “How can we conceptualize behavioural addiction without pathologizing common behaviours?” Addiction, pp. 1709-1715.

Media panic

Peer review:

Drotner, Kirsten. 1999. Dangerous media? Discourses and Dilemmas of Modernity.  International Journal of the History of Education, Volume 35, Issue 3 pp. 593-619.



Web 3.0

Media trouble


Media research: